Toledo UBF is a Christ-governed, Bible-centered, mission-oriented ministry with a focus on raising disciples of all ages that can become godly Christians and a blessing to others.


1. To be a Christ-like Christian community in love and unity.
2. To make an impact for Christ in the lives of college students and colleges in the Great Lakes region and beyond
3. To support and grow godly-Christian families
4. To serve world-wide UBF mission and the greater body of Christ by raising leaders and sending out missionaries to the ends of the earth

Goals (updated 2017)

1.  Engage everyone in regular Bible study and provide practical resources to support our families, students and children.
2.  To learn faithfulness in prayer based on Romans 12:12 & Ephesians 6:18
3.  Build up “The Well” student ministry.
4.  Strengthen Sunday Worship Service to promote worship that glorifies God and is mutually edifying.  
5.  Further develop and integrate our CBF and HBF ministries.
6.  Encourage and help our young couples with the Mingling of Souls materials.
7.  Support parent’s development through the Visionary Parenting materials.
8.  Develop our outreach and collaboration with other campus Christian ministries through the Toledo Campus Prays.